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The To Buy or Not To Buy Cycle

Without a doubt, purchasing a home is a big step. Understandably, many people – whether they are upsizing, downsizing or first-time buyers – are tentative and have some reservations about making such a large purchase. Though there are many factors to consider before buying a new home, it is all too easy to get stuck in the rut of window-shopping and tirelessly researching. Sometimes it can seem like, for every dream home, there’s a reason that you shouldn’t buy now.

It pays to plan ahead, but maybe now’s the time to take action and take the next step towards your new home. Take a look at Martin Walker’s tips for breaking out of the constant new home research cycle!

Stop Overthinking It

At Jones Robison, we appreciate the great amount of thought and research that goes into buying a new home. We know it’s easier said than done when considering such a large purchase, but some would-be buyers hold themselves back by over-analysing their potential move. A little research goes a long way, but don’t tirelessly dig deep enough as you will always find a reason not to.

Don’t Be Intimidated

For many prospective buyers – especially those buying their first home – the thought of committing to such a large purchase can be daunting. Furthermore, many people have concerns about how much they may need to spend in maintenance. This is a completely understandable and reasonable reservation to have, but don’t let trepidation hold you back from finding your dream home. Whether it’s a new build, a property that has recently replaced components such as a new roof or boiler, or even a house that has been well looked after, Martin Walker can help you find a home that will put your mind at rest from financial stress.

Can’t Sell Current Property

Another factor that holds back prospective moves is the worry that the current property won’t sell. Come and have a chat with us, or take a look at house prices in your area to make sure you’re not under-pricing or over-pricing. There are many cheap and simple, DIY ways to entice buyers at a good price; whether it’s repainting the skirting boards or simply decluttering the living room, these small efforts could go a long way in helping potential buyers visualise themselves living in your soon-to-be previous home.

Think of the Future Critically, Not Negatively

Considering the future is an integral part of the buying process, buying a home is a big investment, as well as ensuring that you (and your family) will be happy and comfortable in your choice for years to come. However, it’s important to think of the future critically and realistically, rather than speculate about negative bumps in the road that are unlikely to happen.

Buyer’s Remorse

Are your concerns about making the wrong decision holding you back from getting the ball rolling on your new home? Buyer’s remorse is typically associated more with impulse buys, which we know a new home is not! A great way to be sure of what you’re looking for is to make both a ‘Needs List’ and a ‘Wish List’, this way, you can ensure that potential new homes tick every box on your needs list and most (if not all!) boxes on your wish list. Further down the line, if you view a house that you may want to buy, sleep on your decision. Equally, don’t be afraid to say no to a house if it doesn’t tick the boxes you want it too, new properties are becoming available every day – your perfect home is just around the corner!

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